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I’m really enjoying the new Ratatat album:

Wow, jq — a command-line JSON query/transform tool — is really very deep and powerful. Impressive!

“Medium, please stop hurting the web.”…


Wow, Amazon Music is a mess. I want to upload some music into their “locker” feature and it’s almost impossible.

Cool, Zero Motivation, an Israeli comedy that I wanted to see but missed was just added to Netflix! Not for today but looking forward to it.

muster is a Go package that provides a framework to write batching enabled libraries. Wish this existed in spring!…

きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ – もんだいガール

(Problem Girl – Kyary Pamyu Pamyu)…

Uh, amazing!

Timehopping in my Timehop before Timehop.


Git as GOTO…

Shining example of great communication and discourse in an open source software community:…

This PostgreSQL trick for number formatting in psql just came in handy:

TIL about zgrep!

I haven’t bothered to get an official @timehop portrait yet, so @brshenoy whipped something up… not a bad likeness!


Looks like I won’t be buying or playing Arkham Knight:…

Amazing presentation:

(Science) Fiction and Design…

I love the release notes for Bubbles 4.0:


So @GopherCon was really great! And now I’m excited to head home and see my cuties!

Amazing what difference a year makes! #timehop


So far the theme of #GopherCon could be “this does not work like you think it does”.

As a father and an American, this is just devastating:…

“The National Women’s Soccer League has salary ranges… may put players below the poverty line in the cities in which the compete.”

Maybe the TSA is the way we can solve the “end of jobs” crisis — it could eventually employ all Americans, keeping each other safe and free!

Delta’s software systems and apps are appalling. Only a deeply dysfunctional organization could produce such awful work.

Up way too early but worth it because I’m headed to @GopherCon!