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Lawrence @lessig is a qualified presidential candidate. Include him in your polls @CNN @nbc @CBS @ABC!

#Lessig2016 #UniteBlue #p2

The Murder of Eitam and Na’ama Henkin…

I ♥ the “unread” view in iOS Mail.

New Mac OS X feels fast. Not sure why, but I like it!

Thinking about a possible future with good + cheap PV cells & molecular assemblers. Free energy, food, clothes, building stuff. Fascinating!

“…the Model X… should do a far better job of appealing to moms…”

Hey @MotorTrend this is problematic. Write “parents” rather than “moms”.

If you’ve got a toddler and sometimes let them watch shows on Netflix, Puffin Rock is quite good.

Had to cancel my trip to STL for @strangeloop_stl — so bummed!

This pharmaceutical price gouging is disgusting:…

/via @HillaryClinton

“…these cars ran a 1.1 liter, 23 HP inline four mated to a 3-speed manual…”


Beautiful classic Alfa set up for real driving with serious modern tires and a roll bar. Hot! In…

Guidance from Britax and the US NHTSA on tightening car seat harnesses:…

Oh yeah, it’s LISP time!

(yes this is real)


Whoever invented mornings is on my shit list.

Well, shit

Accidental recursive Dropbox/Lucene indexing/syncing! Pull the emergency stop lever!

Wow, cursoring through all the crap in my Dropbox brings back all sorts of crazy memories in a haphazard flood of randomness.

Finally! A scientific explanation for why I’m always warmer than everyone else!…

More warm meat!

Part Three


Refactoring a large system with a high SLA really _is_ like disassembling and reassembling an airplane mid-flight!…

Let’s get Lessig in the debate! Help raise $1M by Labor Day. Donate now 2 #fixdemocracyfirst #Elections #Politics

If you have an iPad and a kid, Metamorphabet is a fantastic game.

Solid update to Amazon Instant Video app for iOS this morning.

Just posted a photo

Side project update: dumped the awful Google Drive and Google OAuth Java libs; now just using HTTP directly and it feels soooooo good.