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I wish Slack didn’t have IM; it really hurts its otherwise strong potential to build institutional memory.


Oh BTW, I’m speaking tonight at @nycgolang on Stream Data Processing with Kinesis & Go @timehop:…



Killer Land Rover!



“There’s no such thing as UNIX.”

“Many people who run UNIX-like systems such as Linux think they’re running UNIX.”…

This track by @SlimeGirls is just killer:

I just backed Talky — The First Truly Simple Video Chat on @kickstarter

My to-read shelf on GoodReads is kinda like my Netflix queue – a bunch of stuff that I probably should read and probably never will.

Sign me up for bionic eyes!…

“Being kind turns out to be a long term strategy for maximizing impact.”…

I still write crappy code; it’s just that now I *know* it’s crappy.


Java isn’t my thing anymore, but I’m glad to see that it’s no longer stagnant:

…it might even get a REPL!

The current @planetmoney series on jobs and tech is compelling. I hope they do a piece on basic income as part of it.…

Just used “corpora” in a written discussion at work.


Nürburgring In Under 7 Minutes — so intense!…


I just marked “The Chokehold of Calendars” as a favorite in Readability.

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I just marked “An Open Letter To Monitoring/Metrics/Alerting Companies” as a favorite in Readability.

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OMG so tempted… must resist… why… must… no… yes…

Look what was in my @timehop!


HTTP/2 spec is published!…

Look what was in my @timehop!


I just marked “Stop using income as a guide to economic class” as a favorite in Readability.

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