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I’ve got the new @ratatatmusic stuck in my head and it’s AMAZING

My daughter is almost 3 and iOS still flags her name as a typo.

Trying @GitUpApp via @defunkt — so far so good!

so now “post-rock” is a genre? seriously?

Sea Is for Cookie by Put_It_All_On_Red:

and a refined version by photosonny:


Whoa, there’s a wave emoji!

And it’s a rendition of The Great Wave off Kanagawa!


I send so many feature requests to @clubhouse that sometimes it feels like @kurt and I are penpals! 👋

The Dropbox Java SDK feels like it was created by people who can empathize with other people. The Google Drive SDK, not so much.

New @ElTenEleven !!!

Trying @CursiveClojure !

This supercharged BRZ is hot:…

Finally set up a @discourse site for internal discussions at @timehop and I’m unreasonably excited!

Tough commute: forgot my headphones and have the Dora the Explorer theme song stuck in my head. #perilsofparenthood

Decompose all the things!

(In the chemistry sense, as applied to software systems.)

“I can be a bit of a bull in a china shop.”

devops conference cancelled because they only received talks on Docker et al:…

Good for them! Fight the fad!

a safety for my git gun so I don’t git myself in the foot:…

“Basically, it’s a database with an IDE.”…

I tell a guy my wife is coming to test drive a car. His reply: “Don’t forget that the car is a 6 speed.”

😡 Now I’m ashamed to be a car guy.

Large, multi-use-case data flow diagrams are both fantastic and crazy.


In software design and development, I value clarity over brevity and rapidity.

I think I really like data engineering!

Just posted a photo

Just watched Song of the Sea with the kid. Amazing, beautiful, moving film.

New Mirror’s Edge gameplay trailer looks amazing!…