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Going to see @BestCoast next week!

Oh shit, @TooManyZooz hit their funding goal to make their first album! Sweet!

“…undebuggable production systems are their own punishment…”

@bcantrill in…

Run any WSGI app on AWS Lambda + API Gateway:

and a Django-specific version:…

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I really like this RSpec/Minitest (Ruby) extension by the legendary @jimweirich:…

My Current View on REST, HTTP, and RPC for Business Software:…

My Current View on REST, HTTP, and RPC for Business Software

I just wrote this to a colleague at my current consulting gig and thought it was worth sharing more broadly:

I hear you. As I mentioned, I’m also tired of REST. However, it’s important not to confuse REST and HTTP. HTTP is a protocol, and IMHO it’s an excellent protocol. Like any protocol, it’s not going to be appropriate for every use case, and it will be a smooth fit for some use cases and awkward for others. But that just means that it’s well-designed — it’s not too general. REST, on the other hand, is an architectural style for highly dynamic distributed systems with independent actors who change their behavior over time. REST is an excellent fit for some use cases — just look at the Web. The World Wide Web is wildly successful and is fully RESTful.

Bottom line, if we’re going to use HTTP as HTTP, we should use it correctly — according to the spec. Much of the time, however, it’s not even worthwhile to try to use HTTP to integrate proprietary components — often RPC is a better choice. (It can be tunneled over HTTP but that’s not the same thing as using HTTP’s semantics.) And as for REST — in most cases it’s a waste of time to even consider it for business software.

Unfortunately the hype cycle for REST hasn’t completely petered out… this is just my attempt to help wrap that up.

This is just delightful:…

Even if you’re relatively healthy, sitting can kill you:…

I was kinda skeptical until now, but holy shit what @KeybaseIO is building is inspiring!…

Seriously, Ruby?

Ben & Jerry’s is now making non-dairy and vegan ice cream!…

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Just registered for @abstractionscon looks promising!

Downloading the Internet!

“…in Datomic it is idiomatic to use 2 or more simple queries, where in SQL you might try to jam a complex operation into a single query.” 🤔🤓

I’m really relieved that Trump lost Iowa. Every day with him in the race hurts America.

Temporarily using a non-HiDPI screen at my current gig because it’s larger and has better ergonomics than a laptop, but oy, text is so ugly.

Wow, working with ISO-8601 date/times in Ruby is *ridiculously* easier than in Python.

Holy crap, working from home is really hard.

I just backed Fruit Coder: an app that teaches girls how to code on @kickstarter /via @codinghorror

“Actually… the Module class of module is the superclass of the Class class of class.”…


Tripped me up: in Avro records the `type` property must be “A JSON object defining a schema, or a JSON string naming a record definition.”

Ramping back up on Ruby again today… interesting language.

I love following both @codinghorror and @damienkatz because I get to see shit like this once or twice a week:


I think I’m in love!