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At the @pivotallabs office in Flatiron:


After a few listens, the new @Sleater_Kinney album “No Cities To Love” is growing on me.

(Needs good speakers/cans)

The @simplenoteapp Mac app is 500% better now that it has adjustable font sizes.

I just marked “Something Slightly Less Terrible” as a favorite in Readability.

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“Coding, like writing, is a mechanical act.”

Just one of many gems in “Coding is not the new literacy” by @ibdknox:…

Got my 2-year-old to eat persimmon! I’ll consider that a win.

This insightful post explains much about my relationship with traditional media:…

/via @waxpancake

“…somehow the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice.”

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.…

The world, to me: “You’re out of work, you need a job.”

Me: “What is work anyway? Can we take it from first principles?”

World: *facepalm*

Writing a little Clojure code today… feels nice to get back to it!

As a Wikipedia supporter, this is deeply troubling:…

iPhoto (for Mac) is so incredibly slow. There’s no excuse for this. I can’t wait for it to be replaced by the new iOS-inspired Photos app.

The closing words of @DesiMakesMovies in this great @deathsexmoney episode really resonated with me:…

Whoah, @cyberduckapp, my favorite file transfer app for years, now has a CLI version!…

Very cool!

Great post on data processing:

“Command-line tools can be 235x faster than your Hadoop cluster”…

/via Hacker News

So my daughter woke up at 6:30 this morning & I managed to get her back to sleep for another hour. Is there a medal for that? A merit badge?

Any establishment playing a song from The Crow soundtrack has my respect and enthusiasm.

I’m enjoying Becoming a Technical Leader by Gerald M. Weinberg. 30 years old, still quite relevant.… thx @codinghorror

If you use “astounding” in the title of your job posts, you’re going to attract some astounding assholes.

The anime of Attack on Titan is seriously intense, not for the faint of heart.…

To Be Takei just hit Netflix! I’m excited to watch it. Trailer is here:

I really enjoyed The Martian by Andy Weir when I read it last year — turns out it has a great backstory!…

TIL: there’s a street in Manhattan named “Little West 12th Street”. Love it.

Prokofiev’s Peter & the Wolf is like a time machine for me, takes me back to ~5 yrs old. ❤️ thanks Mom!

I just marked “Staying agile in the face of data deluge: Martin Kleppmann” as a favorite in Readability.

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