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Really, Google? This is how you choose to enhance Gmail — by plugging your “wallet” product? Terrible.


I used my phone to help someone find a bankruptcy court. I wonder how long it’ll be before that sort of thing impacts my own credit rating.

The destiny of every drawer is to eventually become a junk drawer.

Making an app with a new tech stack is hard with iffy connectivity. Shows how deeply I depend on the Web to learn on the fly. (I ♥ the Web!)

We have A LOT of stuff. 😮

Packing for tomorrow’s move, came across this. Sadly the records are all cracked. Any reason not to just toss it?


FaceTime is so great.

Huh, another day wherein I didn’t get around to working on my expense reports. Shocker.

I just marked “Why pair programing is as much about business continuity as it is about code quality.” as a favorite in Readability.

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Someone stole my kick scooter!

I just marked “One question all managers should ask themselves about pay” as a favorite in Readability.

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I’m happy with this…f0 — I think it shows how a well-structured codebase can lower the cost of adding features.

I’m impressed by the tweaks Apple is making to Swift. They demonstrate flexibility, attention to detail & usability.…

This is real.…

You keep saying that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Just used for a NY⟷Berlin chat wit@klangberaterer — a little choppy but promising. I’m still psyched about WebRTC!

I’m fasting today; it’s a traditional Jewish fast day but also a “hunger strike against…5#HungryForPeaceForPeace

Fasting Today

I’m fasting today — both because it’s a traditional Jewish fast day and as part of a “hunger strike against violence” wherein some Jews and Muslims around the world are dedicating today’s traditional fasts (for the 17th of Tammuz and Ramadan) to end the conflict between Israel and Palestinians. There are a few different Facebook events and Internet campaigns for this idea, so I’m not sure where it started, but I find it compelling. I’ve felt powerless to do anything meaningful about the situation, and prayer is tough for me these days, but fasting — that I can do.

More information:


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Cable’s trying to end #netneutrality & break the Internet for profit. 36 hours left to stop em


I just backed Women Scholars Sukkot Poster on @kickstarter

I just backed Radical Hospitality and the Rooster Soup Company on @kickstarter

I’m just horrified by this news out of…g6 — this boy was burned alive.

Happy Independence Day! The most patriotic thing you can do today is help Mayday PAC meet its funding deadline today!

I just marked “Function Literal” as a favorite in Readability.

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“Currently we’re in double stealth mode (the public doesn’t know what we’re building and neither do we)…7K1m