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Wondering if it’s time to boycott Amazon again:…

Good times at @timehop!


Exactly 2 years ago today! via @timehop…


Nice work, Google:



I’m itching for Mac OS X 10.10.3 to be released, I am so done with iPhoto!

Pls RT: We’re launching v2 of our experiment NOW. Go 2 2 learn more + get involved. #MAYDAYUS


Went looking for an overview of AWS’ DyamoDB, didn’t want to watch a video, ended up downloading a 732-page PDF. Oy.…

Made the train by the skin of my teeth after dashing up the stairs — I’ll still be late for my meeting, but I might not miss it entirely.

Exactly 2 years ago today!…


Exactly 1 year ago today!…


TIL: the iOS 8 Health app can create a “Medical ID” that’s then accessible from the iPhone unlock screen via the “emergency” button.

CSS tweak to hide the obnoxious Google+ shilling in an empty Gmail inbox view:

td.TC { display: none; }

I just marked “bliki: BeckDesignRules” as a favorite in Readability.

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Does anyone else get nauseous trying to correctly pronounce “oeuvre”?

Writing my first @samzastream job!

Dan Simmons has a new novel out next month!…

Results of a major trial published in NEJM show that eating peanuts greatly reduces the chance of an allergy.…

267 contributors
635 releases
4,099 issues
7,435 commits
50K lines of code

…to make a “small command-line program”

Solr now a standalone server; another sign that Java Web app containers are obsolete.…


“I’m… learning so much about tech stuff that my colleagues would never get in a decade. This community is awesome.”

“We will ship Pebble Time worldwide, with the exception of Cuba, Myanmar/Burma, Iran, Sudan, Syria, and Russia.”…

Go is about to be self-hosting:



Today my kid used “soup” as a verb. #humblebrag