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Badgeless 911, great stance. Valencia Street last night.


Badgeless Cayman, black with black rims. Nice.


At Four Barrel, hand roasted really means hand roasted:


Just rented a 350Z for Sunday via Getaround. Psyched to put some real miles on one.

Idea: an app that updates your “bio” in all your online profiles all at once. Keep that shit in sy#firstworldproblemslems

Just had a real nice haircut experience at People’s Barber Shop on Polk (San Francisco).

I just marked “Oz: ‘Lose-lose situation for Israel’” as a favorite in Readability.

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En route to San Francisco for @distill!

I’m lukewarm on Google Docs/Drive but the new “suggesting” mode of their word processor app is really, really well done.

I like the iOS Photos app, but starting a slideshow on an iPhone is pretty tricky.

Terrible headache. In an examination room trying to SSH into my server to restart Apache because my Website has crashed. No luck. #oy

*/10 * * * * killall -9 apache2 && service apache2 start

I’m so ashamed.

Time to overhaul my linode!

I just marked “Everything you need to know about HTTP Header syntax but were afraid to ask” as a favorite in Readability.

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I just marked “The Server Needs To Die To Save The Internet” as a favorite in Readability.

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The best way to deal with a caffeine crash is more caffeine — right?

I love me some @MacHomebrew but somehow I always end up with Ruby gems installed in bad places & just generally super-confused. #help #geek

Just bought a ticket to Cojure/conj 2014!

I wonder if there are any email agents that use Bayesian filtering to observe which emails I always delete without reading and do it for me.

A good example of an answer on Stack Overflow that came years later but is way better than the prior answer:

Current status: corresponding with a robot.

I should have taken a second day off of work to get this move done. Trying to finish it up in the evenings after work is tough.

“To the Students for Justice in Palestine, a Letter From an Angry Black…jRmN


At a rally at the UN to support Israel:


I don’t know if anyone needs a library for mocking out Apache Kafka, but I’m tempted to create one so I can call it Kafkaesq#doublegeekgeek

Current work email status:

Inbox: 1 (nice)

Follow Up Sooner: 13 (not bad)

Follow Up Later: 202 (yeah right)