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Results of a major trial published in NEJM show that eating peanuts greatly reduces the chance of an allergy.…

267 contributors
635 releases
4,099 issues
7,435 commits
50K lines of code

…to make a “small command-line program”

Solr now a standalone server; another sign that Java Web app containers are obsolete.…


“I’m… learning so much about tech stuff that my colleagues would never get in a decade. This community is awesome.”

“We will ship Pebble Time worldwide, with the exception of Cuba, Myanmar/Burma, Iran, Sudan, Syria, and Russia.”…

Go is about to be self-hosting:



Today my kid used “soup” as a verb. #humblebrag

Wrote some Java 8 code — lambdas and streams are a big step forward; they really make a big difference.

“Sorry, we have a once a day policy for that particular episode of Sophia the First.”

Dammit, I wish I was at @strataconf today!

“HTTP/2 is Done” and will soon be an RFC:…

For all its recurring glitches and annoyances, Internet video calling is still a fantastic technology.

I just marked “Fighting “tribal knowledge” and scaling the org side of a Series B startup” as a favorite in Readability.

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I just marked “The Problem with Job Titles” as a favorite in Readability.

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One redeeming element of this era’s otherwise-dispiriting job search process is really connecting with a kindred spirit in an interview.

At this point I could add “improvising standing desks” to my résumé.

If you, like me, have been wondering how to speed up playback with QuickTime Player (Mac OS X), here you go:…

Just listened to the Invisibilia episode “How to Become Batman” — amazing, inspiring, heartbreaking.…

Just started supporting someone via Patreon — first time for me. Very exciting!

It’s hard to work from home when I can hear kids yelling outside my door… actually, it’s not much different from an open-plan office.

I ❤️ both @Rdio + @simplenoteapp on my Mac, but I wish their icons weren’t so similar. Hard to ⌘-tab to one I want. 😐


Google Hangouts is one of the most consistently frustrating products I’ve used. I’ve tried to be easygoing when it’s suggested, but no more.

Whelp, I found EVO on YouTube. Gonna have to cancel all my job interviews this week.

Glorious sounds in this one:

We are not content creators nor content consumers. “Content” is bullshit. /via @waxpancake

Great connection by @mattblodgett in “The Open Plan Office and the Extrovert Ideal”… /via @williamjohnbert