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How can it possibly true that the average American spends 4.7 hours a day watching TV? Boggles the mind!…

I found the oddest thing in my Pester reminder list!

(Great Mac app BTW, thanks @nriley!)


Listening to the Force Awakens soundtrack in Spotify (sigh) and noticed the progress/scrub bar:


Wow, @DevDocs is super cool — offline programming references in the browser! Sort-of like a Web-based Dash. Free and libre! Nice work @tibc!

Current project involves Python scripts; Node.js modules running in AWS λ; API Gateway; OCaml programs; bash scripts; Terraform; RAML… whew!

Wow, I didn’t realize I’d been using @Rdio for over 5 years. Gonna miss it.


Hey, an overwrought restaurant website that would actually (probably) work with a screen reader!


At this point it seems just absolutely clear that rank-and-file police officers should not be carrying guns.

Atul Gawande’s “The Checklist” is a compelling read on the surprising effectiveness of checklists:…

Great to see Americans helping some Middle Eastern refugees:…

bravo @humansofny!

“…looks like the a hilarious way to die…”…

Page too wide for comfortable reading?

Run in console: = “70%”; = “0 auto”;

I’ve got a lot of feelings this morning about China, injustice, Israel, human rights, and anti-Semitism:…

Joy + Horror + Frustration

I’m feeling joy for the ~13MM Chinese shadow people who will finally be granted citizenship, but also horror at the magnitude of the injustice perpetrated by China’s leaders against these people. And also frustration that some people who care about human rights focus so much more on the situation of the Arabs of the West Bank than other larger injustices around the world. I also yearn deeply to root out injustice, but singling out Israel’s actions to a degree out of proportion to their scope is just anti-Semitism masked in righteous rhetoric.

Some half & half for my half-size half-caf… I’m either a master of moderation or a hapless half-wit.

“Apple had already introduced the Lisa… the Mac was just its little brother.” Sometimes less features is a feature.…

Tweet about Swift, get a rush of follows. So… Swiftly Swifter Swifty Swiftless Swiftingular Swiftacular Swiftish Swifts Swiftably Swifting 😜

Swift on Linux servers is likely to be big. It has a lot going for it, few blockers, strong momentum, and its design hits a sweet spot.

This cover of Tainted Love by Amour Obscur is AMAZING:

Thanks @smalera!

Many thanks to @sapessi for his generous assistance with Amazon API Gateway!

The ND Miata review I’ve been waiting for:

KeepOnSmiling: A Safari Extension for Amazon Smile…

Anyone wanna take a trip back to 1995?

The best part:


USA folks: if you’re upset about shootings, I urge you to contribute $5+ a month to @Everytown or @resp_solutions to make a difference.

Oh hey, @Bringatrailer featured a listing I submitted!

Running 1970 American LaFrance fire truck for $3K:…