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If you use Atom as your code editor and are wondering why the “split pane” commands no longer seem to be working 🤔:…

New York passed mandatory paid family leave! Amazing news!…

“Parents are very frustrated… so they’re going to use power. And power makes things worse.”…

Applies elsewhere too.

I can no longer find audio controls in Skype for iPhone. WTF.

Thanks YouTube for adding split screen support on iPad!


Today is Shushan Purim so of course I just got an email about Passover. #toosoon

$ defaults write CreateDesktop -bool false
$ killall Finder


Highlight of OS X 10.11.4:

Adds the ability for iBooks to store PDFs in iCloud, making them available across all your devices.

Some good stuff in Safari 9.1:…

Picture element in particular is compelling.

Wrote this line of code in my side project a few days ago:

(remove recently-processed? events)


Declarative programming FTW!


.@Calendly just added support for Zapier and Webhooks! Great work. I love the momentum of this team lately.…

core.cache makes me feel stupid.

#clojure #bummer

Ruby’s global context seems really problematic to me.

Started using a Dell P2715Q HiDPI monitor with my 2014 MBP today and so far it’s very nice (for software development on OS X).

I just registered for the first @ServerlessConf this May — very exciting:

Some US presidential candidates say they’ll end the “carried interest” tax break — but what about the more egregious capital gains rate?

“All that is left for us to do is to keep on working as hard as we can and rebuild what is lost.”…

More thoughts on Kafka Streams and that mind-blowing new article from @jaykreps:…

Mind-blowing Article on Stream Processing in Software Applications

Confluent, the company behind Kafka, today released a preview of Kafka Streams, the simple stream processing framework “built in” to Kafka that some of us have discussed recently. This is exciting news, but even better is that to mark the release, Jay Kreps — CEO of Confluent, co-creator of Kafka and Samza, and author of the amazing monograph The Log… — has dropped another wisdom bomb on us: Introducing Kafka Streams: Stream Processing Made Simple. It’s a deep exploration of the why behind Kafka streams and why it’s about more than just being a lighter-weight alternative to Samza, Storm, or Spark Streaming. The vision that Kreps shares is exciting and cogent.

I was excited for the @apachekafka Streams preview release; had no idea @jaykreps would drop another wisdom bomb! 😋…

Coda on this:…

I take it back.

@Spotify declined, which is fine — but refused to give any feedback. Not cool. 😠




















Idea for an email client plugin: checks _every_ email for an “unsubscribe” link, follows it automatically.

Geek friends! Use my code to attend @abstractionscon with me! You get 10% off & I go for free! code 6446bd28fbf…

Note to Self: Why You Feel More Productive But the Economy Isn’t