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Using my Sennheiser HD 380 “pro” cans today and they’re really lovely. Could use just a bit more oomph on the low end though.

I’ve been listening to it for 20 years, and Björk’s remix of Hyperballad on Post still makes me tear up.

Trailer for the new Ghostbusters movie!…

Looks so good!

/via @jkottke

.@TDBank_US your websites are vulnerable to eavesdropping via DROWN, please fix ASAP.…

In which John Oliver reveals Trump for the spineless repugnant charlatan that he is:

The Iron Giant gets me every time. Masterpiece.

NYC friends in computing: I’m hoping to attend the first TechYes! Diversity in Tech Meetup tonight… join me!…

Any Rubyists following me? I’m having trouble with SimpleCov (which looks great) and MiniTest.…


I just backed @wikitongues’ “Share and learn every language in the world” — only 3 days left and so close!…

TIL Google blog search is still possible:


Rallies at Apple Stores today at 5:30 PM local time to support Apple in its fight to protect our privacy.

Anyone looking for up-to-date Kafka benchmarks: @ConfluentInc runs them nightly and posts the results here:

Real-world Ruby.


TIL if using Ruby’s MiniTest and want unit tests to run in a specific order, just call:



Fellow parents of young children: the Shaun the Sheep movie is for rent for 99¢ on iTunes.

NYC friends! I’ve got 2 tickets to Best Coast tonight that I can’t use. Can you use them? Show’s at Terminal 5 at 7:30.

Had a series of fun interviews at @Spotify today. Whether or not it works out, kudos to them for creating a great process.

/cc @Spotifyjobs

Just upgraded my iPhone passcode from a 4-digit number to a long alphanumeric phrase. #Spooked

Tim Cook’s open letter explaining why Apple is protesting the US government’s order that Apple build a back door:… 💪

Going to see @BestCoast next week!

Oh shit, @TooManyZooz hit their funding goal to make their first album! Sweet!

“…undebuggable production systems are their own punishment…”

@bcantrill in…

Run any WSGI app on AWS Lambda + API Gateway:

and a Django-specific version:…

/via @sapessi

I really like this RSpec/Minitest (Ruby) extension by the legendary @jimweirich:…

My Current View on REST, HTTP, and RPC for Business Software:…