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Finally set up a @discourse site for internal discussions at @timehop and I’m unreasonably excited!

Tough commute: forgot my headphones and have the Dora the Explorer theme song stuck in my head. #perilsofparenthood

Decompose all the things!

(In the chemistry sense, as applied to software systems.)

“I can be a bit of a bull in a china shop.”

devops conference cancelled because they only received talks on Docker et al:…

Good for them! Fight the fad!

a safety for my git gun so I don’t git myself in the foot:…

“Basically, it’s a database with an IDE.”…

I tell a guy my wife is coming to test drive a car. His reply: “Don’t forget that the car is a 6 speed.”

😡 Now I’m ashamed to be a car guy.

Large, multi-use-case data flow diagrams are both fantastic and crazy.


In software design and development, I value clarity over brevity and rapidity.

I think I really like data engineering!

Just posted a photo

Just watched Song of the Sea with the kid. Amazing, beautiful, moving film.

New Mirror’s Edge gameplay trailer looks amazing!……


“Welcome to Twitter Analytics! You’re putting it out there, so it’s about time you were able to see what’s getting you the most love.”


Whoa, we can now write AWS Lambda functions in Clojure — I really wanna play with this!…

imposter syndrome flare-up

I started following @MomsDemand a few weeks ago and all the reports of kids being accidentally shot are horrifying.

TIL my watch plays animated GIFs. Suddenly the future isn’t quite as dystopian/apocalyptic! We’ll be amusing each other while the seas rise!

I just backed Send Idle Words to Antarctica on @kickstarter

I’m really enjoying the new Ratatat album:

Wow, jq — a command-line JSON query/transform tool — is really very deep and powerful. Impressive!

“Medium, please stop hurting the web.”…