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I wonder if there are any email agents that use Bayesian filtering to observe which emails I always delete without reading and do it for me.

A good example of an answer on Stack Overflow that came years later but is way better than the prior answer:

Current status: corresponding with a robot.

I should have taken a second day off of work to get this move done. Trying to finish it up in the evenings after work is tough.

“To the Students for Justice in Palestine, a Letter From an Angry Black…jRmN


At a rally at the UN to support Israel:


I don’t know if anyone needs a library for mocking out Apache Kafka, but I’m tempted to create one so I can call it Kafkaesq#doublegeekgeek

Current work email status:

Inbox: 1 (nice)

Follow Up Sooner: 13 (not bad)

Follow Up Later: 202 (yeah right)


“A Rabbi’s Thoughts From Israel: The Disgusting Irony of the Current Crisis” by my good…REHfbY

Itch attack!

Safari (7 for OS X 10.9) has been pleasantly stable for me for a good while now. Seems like it’s caught up to Chrome in that regard.

This is why I’m switching from Verizon to…3k

Really, Google? This is how you choose to enhance Gmail — by plugging your “wallet” product? Terrible.


I used my phone to help someone find a bankruptcy court. I wonder how long it’ll be before that sort of thing impacts my own credit rating.

The destiny of every drawer is to eventually become a junk drawer.

Making an app with a new tech stack is hard with iffy connectivity. Shows how deeply I depend on the Web to learn on the fly. (I ♥ the Web!)

We have A LOT of stuff. 😮

Packing for tomorrow’s move, came across this. Sadly the records are all cracked. Any reason not to just toss it?


FaceTime is so great.

Huh, another day wherein I didn’t get around to working on my expense reports. Shocker.

I just marked “Why pair programing is as much about business continuity as it is about code quality.” as a favorite in Readability.

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Someone stole my kick scooter!

I just marked “One question all managers should ask themselves about pay” as a favorite in Readability.

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I’m happy with this…f0 — I think it shows how a well-structured codebase can lower the cost of adding features.

I’m impressed by the tweaks Apple is making to Swift. They demonstrate flexibility, attention to detail & usability.…