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Just discovered a new favorite Dewey Decimal classification: 303.483. And 303.484! What a shelf.

Seriously, “architecting” is not a word. The verb is “design”.

I’m deeply disturbed by the killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile by the police offices who were charged with protecting them.


This was totally unintentional!

I’m no expert, but when the media reports on financial anxiety, doesn’t that amplify the anxiety?


WIRED: What’s your SpaceX then?

Sanghvi: ”I don’t know yet, if I did I would be doing it.”


Only Human: I Thought the Truth Would Be Enough

Illuminating and inspiring!

Appalling email from the vultures at @QuickenLoans:

“Turmoil in Europe means opportunity in America”


Wow, I was so corny 3 years ago.


My kingdom for some emotional intelligence!

My favorite screen in Instagram. ❤️😍❤️😍❤️

Greenwich! @ Greenwich, Connecticut

Greenwich! @ Greenwich, Connecticut

Greenwich! @ Greenwich, Connecticut

All the ACs were turned off at the office today. My brain shut down due to thermal overload. FML.

Just heard “Come Down” by Anderson Paak for the 1st time, then some frenzied Googling turned this up:…

WTF, Monday?

TIL: emoji-driven development is pretty 💩

🤓 CSP in the small, CSP in the large? 🤔

Sweet! Just bought a ticket to @strangeloop_stl!

Folks at @ServerlessConf keep presenting the benefits of #serverless — great, but let’s discuss the trade offs as well!

Please help me fund The Small Silver Speedster: A Father/Daughter/Car Story — only 7 days left!

Koenigsegg camless engine! Super cool!…

/via @octothorpe

Amazing statue of Kafka!…

Great news: US overtime pay rules are being adjusted for inflation, finally!…