Just noticed that WordPress.org has two new features: Ideas, which lets the WordPress community propose and vote on new Ideas for the software. The second is Kvetch, a place for quick and anonymous complaints.

This stuff is interesting. I like the ideas. I do think that there’s a bit of dissonance between this and the forums – really, they should be one thing. But that’s a different discussion.

The point is, this openness, the way that the group of people that make the software make themselves accessible, and make it easy for anyone and everyone to get involved in the guts of how it works, is just great. It’s one of the defining aspects of business in the early 21st century.

For another great example, see Wesabe, the web-based personal finance software. They have a link on their home page to “Talk to Jason, CEO of Wesabe” Check it out. How great is that? That’s what I’m talking about. Nice! Now that’s openness. Accessibility is more than a technical matter. It’s an attitude.

Oh, and Wesabe the software is greatly excellent. More on that later.