Avi Flax

Developer / Designer1 / Documentarian2 / Generalist / Problem Solver / Software Human

I design1, build, document, and operate software systems and teams that solve real problems and make a positive difference in the world.

I believe that values matter.

More Values

I believe that:

Current Position

2017–present Principal Software Engineer at Funding Circle

Prior Experience

2016–2017 Principal Software Architect at Park Assist

2015: Timehop

2014: Thinkful

2013–2014: SFX Entertainment

2005–2013: Arc90

2001–2004: ADP

2001: Register.com

2000: RewardsPlus

1998–2000: Words In Progress

1998: Ideal Computer Strategies

1997–1998: PCC Internet Design


Most of my work is proprietary and private; this selection of things I’ve managed to release publicly doesn’t represent my full skillset.

I’d be happy provide more examples of my work, such as architecture diagrams and presentations, business analysis, code, etc. Please get in touch!

Key Skills

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Key Technologies

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Around the Web

Additional Skills



Thanks for scrolling all the way to the bottom of my résumé! I appreciate your interest. At this point, you might want to get in touch. Please do!


  1. Whereby “design” I mean the creation of a plan or convention for the construction of an object, system or measurable human interaction1 — in other words, design is how it works2.

    1. Cambridge Dictionary of American English via Wikipedia
    2. Steve Jobs via The New York Times Magazine via Wired
  2. See a short description from Write the Docs and/or one of the stories behind that description
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