Avi Flax

Seeking Senior Software Architect Role*

I design, build, and operate software systems and teams that solve real problems and make a positive difference in the world.

I believe that values matter.

More Values

I believe that diversity and inclusion are crucial and create rich, healthy, sustainable, productive communities (companies).

I believe that DRY and the Rule of Three apply to docs just as much as code.

I believe that people can only do great work if they are healthy, growing, supported, and respected.

I believe that all great processes have one thing in common: they are regularly reviewed and refined.

I believe that the only thing that matters about any technology is its potential to solve problems.

I believe that technology is a phenomenally powerful tool that we humans have at our disposal to solve problems — if we so choose.

I believe that we humans do some of our best thinking while communicating — so let’s do more of that.

I believe that institutional/communal memory is critical to building sustainable organizations.

Current Position

2016–Present Principal Software Architect at Park Assist

Prior Experience

2015: Timehop

2014: Thinkful

2013–2014: SFX Entertainment

2005–2013: Arc90

2001–2004: ADP

2001: Register.com

2000: RewardsPlus

1998–2000: Words In Progress

1998: Ideal Computer Strategies

1997–1998: PCC Internet Design


I’d be happy provide more examples of my work, such as architecture diagrams and presentations, business analysis, code, etc. Just get in touch!

Key Skills

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Key Technologies

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Thanks for scrolling all the way to the bottom of my résumé! I appreciate your interest. At this point, you might want to get in touch. Please do!