Earlier this month I submitted a talk proposal to the Kafka Summit. I posted the proposal to the inchoate Park Assist tech blog, but one part I left out was a paragraph on my professional background. I think I left it out because for some reason I wrote it for a very specific audience; when I contemplated posting it publicly in such a dignified context as the Park Assist tech blog I was nervous that it would seem pretentious.

Since no one reads this site, though, it should be safe for me to post this here:

Web developer since 1998. Software architect since 2006. Data architect since 2016. Early adopter. Currently excited about stream data and “serverless” (FaaS) and thinking about how to best combine the two. Starting to think I might actually understand what CQRS is. Programming systems: current: Ruby; favorite: Clojure; tracking: Eve.

Pretentious enough?